Monday, February 19, 2018

Vienna, Austria

Seems that winter days are back =/ Not that we had had any actual winter, but after some days of beautiful sunshine and nice temperatures, it is all gray and dark and rainy and cold again...blah :((
So being that I don't have that many obligations today and the weather is kinda begging you to stay indoors (not difficult to convince me at all), here comes another update, and today it is all dedicated to Postcrossing meeting cards :)
I have received a lot of these over the years, I have already posted some before, some are still left to see the light of the blog, but for today I have randomly chosen the following, most of which arrived during last year.

Will open this with one of the many cards I have received from Anita and from the meetings that have been taking place in Austria. And most of the time they have some specially designed cards for the event, like the one you can see here, where the Postcrossing meeting was merged with a book fair in Vienna - now how perfect is that? Books and postcards! And I'm pretty sure there were cakes somewhere in the story as well :)

I have never really asked who is the designer behind these cards, but now that I think about it, it might be Anita itself actually :) And I am really happy that I had the chance to meet her recently during my one day trip to Graz where from what I thought would be a cup of coffee, turned out into a lovely day well-spent! She really made sure we feel welcome and cosy in Graz!

On the back of course you can see the signatures, where I recognize like just half of the usernames. However, I am delighted with the stamp! Falco! Can't believe it it's been 20 years since he had died (speaking of deaths, today I learned that Stalone has moved into a different world as well...actually seems like a lot of famous people have already said goodbye to this world already this year and one that truly saddened me was when I heard last week that Jóhann Jóhannsson died too =/)

The Falco stamp was issued last year, commemorating 60 years since his birth. And besides the great stamp, the cancellation is also very interesting, though I am not exactly sure if it is supposed to represent something special or no - I see the name of Lustenau given, along with its postcode.

Thanks a lot lot to Anita for this one and all the other lovely cards she has surprised my mailbox with.  

Kinsey's Locomotives, USA

Next is a meeting card from over the pond! And I just realized that the majority of meeting cards I receive are from Europe, and rarely something coming from a different continent. I guess I just don't know the right people :D

But I surely know the right person for this one :P It is from the meeting in Seattle that took place last July the 30th and the guilty one why I have this card is of course Bryon :) And he made sure to enrich my train cards' collection as well :)
The card shows the Heisler locomotive (rebuilt and regauged by Heisler Locomotive Works) in Redmond, Washington in 1922.

Now I do not really recognize the majority of the usernames, but I do see that people had fun with leaving coffee marks on this one... I wonder why :D They were even kind enough to explicitly tell me about the origin of the stain, so you can see a cappuccino, an americano, a chai and something jam-filled - I guess it is some kind of a cake we are talking about :)

As for the stamps - the red pear definitive was issued in 2017, as well as the sharks ones, which come from a set of 5 (showing the Great White Shark and the Mako Shark), and also we have a stamp commemorating the bicentennial of the American Revolution, issued in 1971.

Well thank you Bryon very much   

Porto, Portugal

Next is a card that dear Marta sent me from a small meeting held in Porto on November 11th, last year.

If there is something typical about Portugal, it is all these beautifully decorated tiles and these can actually be seen at the São Bento Railway Station! That is really thoughtful Marta! Thank you so much!

There are approximately 20,000 azulejo tiles, dating from 1905–1916, and were composed by Jorge Colaço, an important painter of azulejo of the time. You can see different scenes, events, and personalities depicted on these walls, like the Battle of Arcos de Valdevez and Egas Moniz before Alfonso VII of Castile, D. João I in Oporto, with his fiancé and the Conquest of Ceuta,  the Battle of Valdevez, a meeting between the knight Egas Moniz and Alfonso VII of León in Toledo etc etc etc.

there is even a train sticker on the back of the card :D The stamp is from a set of 4 issued in 2017, representing Trees of the Mediterranean. This one shows a strawberry tree or Arbutus unedo.

Muito obrigada Marta!   

Antwerpen, Belgium

The one before the last is a card from a mini meeting in Antwepen that took place on August 7th, 2015.

The card was sent by dear Valentina, who often surprises me with something in the mailbox :)
The card shows St. James' Church, a former Collegiate church in Antwerp, built on the site of a hostel for pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela. The present building is the work of the Waghemakere family and Rombout Keldermans, in Brabantine Gothic style. The church contains the grave of Rubens in the eastern chapel.

The guy on the left, Karel van de Woestijne, is from a set of 4 Culture Edition stamps issued in 1978, while King Albert should be from 1998.

Thank you so much for thinking of me Valentina!  

Helsinki, Finland

And one more meeting card for today, which is from one of the bigger PC meetings regularly organized out there, and Helsinki is one of those places where some of the International meetings have taken place. I still haven't attended a bigger meeting and on one hand it makes me sad, on the other hand I wonder if people actually have time to chat or is it all just writing and signing postcards... I mean even with the mini-meetings I have been a part of, it is insane how much time the writing/signing cards consumes, let alone an International meeting with dozens of people attending :)

This is from a meeting in Helsinki, that took place on August 3rd, 2013, and I would have to thank Jetske for making sure I received one of these calm winter scenes of Helsinki  :)

And here also the Postcrossing Parents have attended and signed my card, so it is even more special to have received this one. The adorable stamp is from a set of 3 Garden Berries' stamps issued in 2013.

Thank you dear Jetske for the card  ! And to the rest of you for reading! Enjoy the week ahead - hopefully the weather will be on your side :)

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Good day to you all.. after like a month after the previous post. But at least it is not a year. And in my defence, the last few weeks have been hectic, in several life spheres but now I am having some me-time, and lets put up a few posts here. This weather outside sucks anyway...

I've been doing some thinking and I have decided to do some posts dedicated to some of my postcard fairies. You know how I just cannot choose cards totally at random but always have to overcomplicate stuff and find some meaningful pattern and blah blah blah...
So there we go, and my postcard-fairy of the day is Sissel, a name you have encountered here on a lot of occasions, esp. with those breathtaking Norwegian cards ;-)
And today's first card from Sissel is as part of a fantastic trip she took last year (all her trips are fantastic though), and among all the other places, she got to visit Bangladesh too.
Not my first one from Bangladesh, the debut was here, few years ago. But also not my last since another Bangladesh card is on my way from what I know, I just hope it doesn't get lost in the dark halls of the postal service somewhere.
Regarding this one, I am not exactly sure what it represents; looks like some kind of a celebration for a National Day or something. I could say a protest as well, but the few faces I can spot look kinda cheerful and not in a protesting mood, so I don't know. Still it is a super cool card!

the stamp on the right was issued in 2012, commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Bangladesh Police Academy, while the other one is from 1989, representing Bangladesh Landmarks, showing the Curzon Hall, a British Raj-era building and home of the Faculty of Science at the University of Dhaka. The building was originally intended to be a town hall and is named after Lord Curzon.

Aurora Borealis, Norway

And here comes the beloved Norway!

It was a tough choice. I have literally hundreds of Norwegian cards and a good deal of them feature the Northern Lights. However, I chose this one due to the stamp on the back, the kind of you don't get to see frequently on postcards. On letters, might be, but on postcards, I don't think so.

no, this is not a stamp, it is a MEGA stamp ❤. Yep, the entire mini-sheet is here!
Issued in 1980, for the International Norwex Stamp Exhibition Jubilee, featuring different means of transport. Recently due to unpredicted circumstances I also had to stick a sheet of this size on a postcard, with the difference it was a regular size of a postcard and I had already written on it, so what's beneath the stamp will now remain a mystery to the recipients...
There are two other stamps on this card. The blue one with the lighthouse is from a set of 3 issued in 1977 in a buildings' series, while the other one was issued in 1989 in a set of two, for the 250th anniversary of the public schools.
A whole lot of oldies here - lovely!

Chiang Mai Thailand

Next is again an Asian card, this time from Thailand.

I think that this is a kind of a view every postcard collector loves coming across when travelling. Not only because of the large choice of postcards, but just look at the way they have been arranged, so appealing to the eye!
This is a scene in the Wualai Walking Street in Chiang Mai. You know, I never heard of Chiang Mai until I met these two lovely ladies during my trip in Vientiane. French girls who actually lived in Chian Mai and while talking to them I realized what a lovely place this is, though maybe it has become way too touristy for my taste, but still.
Unfortunately, from what I could see, they had to leave Thailand for good few months ago, but I hope life is still good for them back in France. Big hug to Sandrine and Claire while we are at it.

again, a bunch of super-fantastic stamps! The mailboxes were issued in 2016 in a set of 10 for the National Children's Day and they feature AESAN mailboxes (the red one is from Thailand while the yellow one from Vietnam). The owls are from a set of 4 issued in 2013 (on the top is the collared owlet or Glaucidium brodiei, while underneath is the collared scops owl or the Otus lettia.)

Edinburgh, Scotland

And one more Sissel card for today, this time from Scotalnd's capital.

As neatly explained on the back of the card "Evening light on the Old Town and Edinburgh Castle, views from Calton Hill".
I have written about the Castle before, so won't be repeating myself here. Though I think that so far I have it from all the possible angles and all views are just stunning!

a cute Christmas stamp issued in 2016 in a set of 8.

Soo, that would be all for today, It is about time I get down to some ACTUAL work.

Millions of hugs to Sissel for these cards and the bunch of others still not featured.

And see you soon with maybe another fairy-related post. Let's see who the random generator chooses next time ;-)

stay well!